Why should you join the Florida Coaster Club?

The Florida Coaster Club began in January 1998 with 25 Charter Members. FLCC members are not just from Florida, but many other states and even some foreign countries! Members gather regularly to experience the thrill of riding roller coasters at theme and amusement parks in Florida, out-of-state and internationally. Members from infancy to 80 years young enjoy the club and its informal, fun culture. Members often receive invitations to Media Day events, coaster construction tours and commercial filmings. The FLCC is always on the move to get the most for its members!!

FLCC Members by Sheikra at BGT     FLCC members at HoliWood Nights at Holiday World

Club members receive the following:

  • Personalized membership card(s).

  • Monthly events (except December).

  • Access to Message Boards.

  • Opportunities for exclusive construction tours of new roller coasters.

  • Commercial filming opportunities for the entire family.

  • Media Day participations.

  • The opportunity to meet many others who share your enthusiasm for coasters, parks and rides.

Florida Coaster Club Membership Information

The Florida Coaster Club welcomes you, your family and your friends to join in on all the fun!

Code of Conduct

Please Read

FLCC Membership Rates

  • A one person membership is $20 for one year.

  • Two people in the same household are $30 for 1-year. You may add additional members. The rates are $10 per year for each member 16 and over, or $5 each per year for the kids (5 through 15 please).

  • International memberships are $30 for single 1-one-year membership or $45 for a double membership. You may add additional members. The rates are $15 per year for each member 16 and over, or $10 each per year for the kids (5 through 15 please).

  • Discounted two and three-year memberships are also available for all membership types.

  • For families and groups of five or more, please contact the Membership Department for a discount rate.

Membership Package Delivery Time

Our Membership Department handles all processing of new and renewing membership packages. Memberships are processed monthly. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Members with email receive a confirmation after their packages have been mailed. During times when membership is required for scheduled events, every effort is made to have paperwork and membership cards completed and mailed on demand. Overnight mail via Fedex account is also available (but expensive). Please send in your membership early.

Replacement Membership Cards

The cost to replace a Florida Coaster Club Membership Card is $3.00. Please alert the Membership Department to make arrangements to receive your new card in time for the next event.

Renewal of Memberships

We do not wish to have our members miss any opportunities because their membership has expired. Renewal notices are sent via e-mail beginning two months prior to expiration. Your expiration is the last day of the month noted on your card. If renewals are not received by the expiration date, membership is considered expired. To renew your membership go to the sign-up page.

Changes of Name, Street Address, Email or Telephone Number

Notifying the Membership Department of changes to your primary membership information is the responsibility of the member(s). If, during your membership, we cannot get in touch with you in three attempts via email (if applicable), telephone and snail mail, you are still considered an active member in the FLCC until your membership has expired, or you resurface. Please forward updated contact information to:


Ready to take the plunge?

Let's go ... Go to the sign-up page, or you can print and mail a registration form. (USA or International.)

We hope to meet you soon!

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