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Events are subject to change and cancellation. Every effort is made to contact FLCC members if revisions are made. Please check this page often as we will post schedule and event changes here as soon as they occur.
Note: There are no refunds for pre-registered events as all parks and venues are prepaid and have a no refund policy.

2018 Event Calendar
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April 2018

** To be announced...

May 2018

Friday, May 18th & Saturday, May 19th 2018
*** CoasterStock: 4
2 days of Morning and Nighttime of ERT! on:

  • The Beast, Banshee
  • Diamond Back & Mystic Timbers
  • Unlimited Digital Photos plus other Great Perks and Special Events...
    King's Island - Mason, Ohio

    *** NOTE: ***
    You will be required to present a
    Current (un-expired) FLCC Membership Card at Check-in!

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    June 2018

    Friday, June 1st & Saturday, June 2nd 2018
    *** HoliWood Nights 2018: CoasterShack
    Holiday World & Splashin' Safari - Santa Claus, Indiana

    *** NOTE: ***
    You will be required to present a
    Current (un-expired) FLCC Membership Card at Check-in!

    Online Registration is Now Open
    through May 27th, 2018

    ...after that, a procrastination fee applies!
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    July 2018

    ** Wanna Water Park?
    To be determined...

    * - Indicates that we are working on the details for these official events for dates indicated. However, since all the details are not finalized yet, and rather than confirming the details now which may very well change, we will make these announcements as soon as they are firm.

    - Indicates tentative and/or unconfirmed dates for these scheduled events

    - Indicates events sponsored by our partner parks, various clubs or other venues.

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