A Wonderful Thank You......... 
     On April 17, 2005, FLCC had their first Charity Ride-A-Thon.  
This event entailed riders who obtained sponsorship.  
 Among our many riders, FLCC wants to give a special 
thanks to Hope Brown who made this dream come true. 
 For years, Hope has wondered about conducting a charity 
event with FLCC.  Months of planning, persistent hard work, 
driving endurance levels, and maintaining positive links 
with many companies has made this event a complete 
success.  Hope demonstrated all these aspects and more! 
     The Charity Ride-A-Thon started out in the early cool 
hours of the morning.  Many volunteers helped with food 
preparations, sign displays, registration, and giving extra 
light as it was very dark in some areas.  The excited riders, 
Danyale Brown, Kaitlyn Props, Johnny Fleps, Robin Wilson, 
Jerry Danes, Laura Sumner, Crystal Young, Mike Hall and 
Christi Carrano were registered and then were off to ride 
and ride and ride.  With their specially made T-Shirts on, 
they walked down the red carpet.  A paparazzi of cameras 
were flashing away as the FLCC riders rode the Triple 
Hurricane up to 70 times.  We broke the record for 
continuous rides!!
     The event was completed with a check presentation to 
4C and a beautiful crystal award given to Cypress Gardens 
Adventure Park.  All riders acquired bags filled with many 
items to show how much we appreciate them getting 
sponsorship.  The last fun-filled part of the Charity 
Ride-A-Thon was giving away a basket to the rider who 
collected the most in sponsorship money.  This lucky winner 
was Mike Hall.  We all congratulate him on job well done!  
Mike won a two nights stay at the Best Western Admiral's 
Inn in Winter Haven, tickets to Cypress Gardens Adventure 
Park and Holy Land, a massage from the Ritz Carlton Grande 
Lakes Orlando, and gift certificate to Red Lobster! 
     We are very thankful to Cypress Gardens Adventure Park, 
their employees and especially to Alyson for helping us make 
this event wonderful!  Other companies went over and beyond 
in contributions:  Community Bank of Florida, Vekoma Rides 
USA, Panera Bread, Broker's Title, Pediatric Associates of 
Orlando, Perkins Restaurant, Orlando Magic and Sink, Inc.  
The most thanks goes to Hope Brown for making a dream 
come true!! 
Kerri Albright

Community in the Orlando area and now currently working for an Apartment Publication for 4 years, my knowledge in Marketing has grown and I love it, so I look forward to exciting new things with our Club! I became a member of FLCC in August of 2001 and have never been happier with my decision to do so, this club has motivated me to enjoy my passion for Roller Coasters & Thrill Rides more and to be able to do it with so many wonderful people makes it all the better. Merchandising has its challenges, but with experience, compassion in  FLCC will be the key. Thinking beyond our club’s theme "We Ride All Year” and remembering that we are also a "Family of Friends"  can only bring great  things in the future for all of us members. My goal or being successful with FLCC Merchandise is seeing as many of our FLCC shirts, lanyards etc.. around the world on all of our wonderful members, so be sure and check out your Merchandise@www.floridacoasterclub.com often, as there will be a lot of exciting new items to come! Your ideas and comments mean a lot when working on new merchandise so please e-mail any and all comments you may have any time! FLCC will always be about the members and doing what we love —

 “We Ride All Year!”
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Hope with daughter, Danyale

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Well it's been almost a year and I am so happy to be helping out by taking over for FLCC merchandise and a place on the Advisory Board. My background in Public Relations and Merchandising started about  9 years ago when I was hired into the Apartment Industry and I took a Manager's position of an Apartment