Nena Monroe from Orlando, FL

John and Christina Carrano from St. Cloud, FL

Donald Watrous from New Port Richey, FL

Howard and Byrnina Murray from Riverview, FL

Sherry and Woody Fitz Randolph from Gulfport, FL

George, Margaret, Amber and Joseph Burnash from Brandon, FL

Sarah Mitchell from Springfield, OH

Anthony Jones from Tampa, FL

Melanie, Steve, Shelby and Sydney Rice from Apopka, FL

Kaitlyn Props from Apopka, FL

Stephen Knothe from Kissimmee, FL

Chris Rearick from Orlando, FL

Tim McClay from Orlando, FL

John Hughes from Orlando, FL

Ashley Eggers from Tallahassee, FL

Glen Miller from Orlando, FL

James Mazur of Orlando, FL

Lynne and Emma Guadamuz from Florida City, FL

Billie Anderson from Lutz, FL

Tom Scarpello from Clermont, FL

Robert Issler, Jr. from Apopka, FL

Andrew Parker and Leslie Ann Conrad from Clearwater, FL

Jim, Dillon and Kevin Summerlin from Cocoa Beach, FL

Greg Brenneman and Patrice Graves from Tavares, FL

Karen Kately from Naples, FL

D. Stuart Merrell from Tampa, FL

Joshua Sweitzer from Sanford, FL

John Allowatt from Clearwater, FL

Suzie, Jenna, Graham and Bailey Peace from Homosassa, FL

Michael and Danny Scheer from Homosassa, FL

Donna Beranis from Palm Bay, FL

Dick Webber from Tampa, FL

Jamie Ross from Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Susan, Steve, and Nicholas Mutchler from Enterprise, FL


Since January 2005 we have added

 56 new

 members to our coaster club family!

Photos from Charity Ride-A-Thon at Cypress Gardens Adventure Park