FLCC helps Indiana Student get an A+


                 My first trip to Cedar Point for Coaster Mania 2004 was a “Top Thrill” to say the least.  Sharing such a trip with FLCC friends made it even better!  This “family of friends” never ceases to amaze me. We are always welcoming new members and friends and this trip was no exception. A teenager from my brother’s church in Fort Wayne, IN joined us as my guest in the wee hours that Saturday morning of Coaster Mania. Although his mother was a bit hesitant to let him come along, perhaps all may be forgiven. My brother recently sent me this message:

                 Ann Robertson came in to choir tonight just beaming about Michael getting an A+ on a paper in his English class.  The assignment was to write about something exciting, moving, emotional, etc. to get your feeling across to the readers. You can just guess what he wrote on...your trip

 to Cedar Point.   He wrote about the invitation to join the Florida Coaster

Club for the day, and how nice and accepting all of you were to him.

Then he evidently had the other readers actually on the rides as he described

 all of them.  He even used some of the photos you sent in his presentation.

 Just thought you'd like to know he's still "riding high" from your trip

to Cedar Point !

                 OK, so maybe WE didn’t help write the paper! But Michael had been to Cedar Point before, and I’m guessing this may be the first time he got an A+ out of the trip. My favorite part of this story is the “how nice and accepting all of you were to him” part. Yes, the coasters there are thrilling, but once again the friendliness of the Florida Coaster Club proves to be an influential FORCE!       Submitted by Nancy Clay

             I joined FLCC back in February of 2005.  I have been on...well, I lost count. Probably 50 or so roller coasters to date.  I live in St. Petersburg, FL. and I am planning to buy my own house within the next couple of years...probably somewhere in the Tampa Bay area.  So, far, my favorite roller coaster is "Sheikra." It is very intense.

                 My first roller coaster was "Space Mountain." I was 12 years old when I first rode it and it was freaky because I didn't know where I was going, since it was in the dark.

                 In my later age, I got into roller coasters so much, I had to get a job working with them. So, I worked at Busch Gardens in Tampa for 2 years (1990-1992) before I worked for Walt Disney World for a year and a half.  (1993-1995).  In 1995, I again changed jobs to work for Universal Studios in Orlando until 1997. I then learned drafting & design in college and one day I hope to design coasters. Until then I have "No-Limits Coasters" to practice with.

                 I look forward to visiting as many parks as I can in this lifetime. I really am looking forward to visiting Cedar Point in Ohio. That park is the roller coaster capitol of the world.

Member ProfileDonald Watrous
New FLCC Member
What an action packed day, as FLCC traveled down south to Boomers!   FLCC was honored to have
one great hour of ERT on the Dania Beach Hurricane on May 14, 2005!  Colorful event buttons were
supplied by Johnny Wiencek to the club members.  In addition, each member had a laminated VIP
itinerary.  PBS-2 Miami came to our event to continue  media coverage for their magazine of our club.
Nancy, George and Josh took part in the interviewing.  FLCC had two  major competitions for this
event:   Mini Golf Tournament and Go-Kart Championship.  Our lucky winners for the Mini Golf
Tournament went to Hope, Johnny and Joey.  The fastest Go-Kart Champion was Laura at a time of 4
minutes and 25 seconds to complete the track.  Congratulations to all!    The afternoon was very filling
as we went to Jaxson's Ice Cream Parlor.  That kitchen sink is worth every bite!   We want to thank
Andy Hyman and Boomers for their hospitality.  Also, a big thanks to Nancy Clay for hosting the event!
   - Kerri Albright
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